Thanks for the fun this weekend!

There are going to be announcements for a few days in a row this week, so I hope you won’t feel spammed if I warn you in advance.

I think we all had a wonderful time Saturday night at the campfire hosted by Pads 101 and 104. Thanks you guys! Without a community fire pit for this year, it is really nice that we can gather at Pad 101. Having said that I want to remind everyone that we were able to have the fire because the fire ban was lifted on June 21 by the SCRD. As we return to drier weather, it is likely that we will once again be under a fire ban. Twin Creeks RV Resort asks everyone to respect the fire ban when it is in force.

We will definitely make the effort to have community campfires when weather and schedules allow. And while we may not be able to invite each of you personally, everyone is welcome to join.