Happy Holidays – Hydro Outage on December 29

The owners and managers of Twin Creeks would like to wish you Happy Holidays wherever you are going to be.

As everyone gets ready for the holiday, we want you to know that BC Hydro has notified us that there will be a scheduled power outage on Friday, December 29 between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. This seems to be affecting many residences on the Lower Coast as we have heard of people receiving this notice as far away as Roberts Creek Road.

Given the time of the power outage, we will not run the generator (similar to the power outage in November). That means that during the outage, water will be restricted throughout the park. BC Hydro suggests the following to prepare for the outage:

  • Turn off electric heaters, major appliances and unplug sensitive electronics to protect them from damage
  • If you rely on electric medical equipment, have a plan to maintain use

Hopefully, this outage will pass without incident. If we find that hydro has not been restored by the morning, we will start the generator. If you are going to be away between Christmas and New Year’s Day, please make appropriate arrangements. Contact me, by text or email, if you need assistance.