What Will Happen If You Trip Your Breaker

During weather which is different from our normal moderate coastal climate, it is easier to trip your breaker. Your breaker trips when electrical demand inside the RV exceeds the amount of electricity provided at the box on the pad. This can happen in particular with electric heaters and air conditioners.

We have had a number of tripped breakers in the park in the past year, but we also had one adapter melt in the box. We consulted with our electricians, and we now have a different process to deal with a tripped breaker.

We will not reset the breaker right away. We will wait until the box/adapter has cooled down. This could take some time. We will also ask you to unplug anything extra which is plugged in, so when we reset the breaker, it will not immediately trip.

If this happens to you, continue to let us know right away. Then we will use our process to ensure that resetting the breaker will not cause further issues.