Update to Tents On Your RV Pad

As you may have seen, we had a guest last weekend who erected a tent. This was not discussed with me in advance, and I will be taking steps to ensure that I know about tents which will be in the Resort. However, the tent was not noticeable and the people in it were quite respectful, so I approached the owners about allowing tents at the RV pads.

The owners have agreed to allow tents at your site with the following guidelines:

1. No stakes in the ground as there are services located underground.

2. Tents will have an extra cost – $20 per night per tent plus GST.

3. We will have a maximum of 8 people allowed on a single RV pad. We reserve the right to turn down large groups.

If you decide to have a tent at your site, please try to tell me your dates and how many people will be in the tent at least 7 days in advance. Invoice policy will remain the same. Payment is due 7 days in advance, and your payment is non-refundable.

We will test this new tent policy and see if it works out as we hope it will. I will give you plenty of notice if there is a need to change the policy.